Blog Topic Ideas for Photographers

As a new blogger, you want to ensure that you create post people want to read, but also provide information and education. After all, that’s what people have come to your blog for. They want your Insight on a matter, and they trust you to provide them with real, detailed information on a subject. As a photographer, your job is to provide pictures to people that create memories that last a lifetime. A blog is a very important aspect of your photography business and your online presence. Building an online presence via a blog is an excellent way to increase profit and customer base. When you look at sites such as, you’ll see how easy it is. To give you a head start, take a look at some of the best topic ideas for blogs if you are a photographer.

How To

A how-to article is always beneficial. As a photographer, you can provide a how to article concerning getting ready for a photoshoot, how to do hair and makeup for photos, and other tips. This is one of those topics that has endless sub categories in which you can write if you so choose.

Photography tips

Whether you’re providing tips to your fellow photographers, or tips to help make a photography session easier for one of your clients, this type of blog post is beneficial in so many ways. You can actually make more than one blog post concerning photography tips if you would like.


Creating a blog with a facts section can save you a lot of time and minimize the stress of those who were getting ready to prepare for a photography session. When you have a facts section, you answer questions that many people have when they are getting ready for the session.

Ideas and Inspiration

Another great post you could write about would be about ideas and inspiration for a photoshoot. Many people are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or a wedding, or other special event, but they don’t know how they want to celebrate. Your blog post of ideas and inspiration could provide the exact details they need.

Life in town

Sometimes, taking your blog post away from the photography era is okay. Sometimes, people like to get insight as to who you are as a person. This is especially true in a photography business. So, why not write a post about something going on in your town or city? The ideas here are endless. Simply put your creativity to use, and you will discover an excellent post that you want to provide to your readers for entertainment and information.

As a photographer, a blog post can help you in so many ways. Your customers and clients will love reading your post and hearing what you have to say. The ideas for the blog posts above are only a handful of the many that you can write about in your blog. Just review, then put your creativity to work and choosing the right blog post topic to entertain your readers will not be difficult whatsoever.