The 101 Report Discovers New Music Talent

When you’re searching the internet for the newest music news about your favorite music celebrities, this is not the site for you. The 101 Report is all about new and upcoming music artists that you’ve probably never heard of; those that may become the next music legends. And when that happens, we’ll no longer cover them here.

We’re not into the egotistical music stars that have to be pampered and babied, that require tons of babysitting, and that get on our nerves. We’re all about the undiscovered talent, the musicians, singers, and live bands that aren’t there yet, but have a better than decent chance of becoming the next whining, sniveling, headaches that you see plastered all over the news currently.

Party Crashers Live Cover Band Performance

Discovering an Incredible Party Band

There’s no shortage of talent in America, and we intend to find it and write about it. And to start it off, we’ve discovered a cover band that is perhaps the best in the nation. They will in all likelihood never be as famous as Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars, not because they’re just as talented or even more so, but because they don’t currently perform their own original songs. They play songs made famous by Taylor, Bruno, Black Eyed Peas, and other living music legends. But my, oh my, the talent is there.

Dance Crowd at a Party

Before we divulge the name of this amazing party and dance band, let’s first talk a little about the band itself. As mentioned previously, they play all the current radio hits as well as classic dance hits from the past. They boast three of the most sensational vocalists in the country, which are backed up by a fabulous band filled from top to bottom with incredible musicians. Add to that their well-rehearsed moves, light show, and state-of-the-art sound, and you’ve got a band that can’t be matched.

Performing for Celebrity Events, Weddings, and Corporate Parties

They are in hot demand for major corporate events, million dollar weddings, and celebrity parties and events. They have performed for the rich and famous, as well as private clients around the globe. And wherever they play, crowds can’t stop raving about them. After performances they routinely receive rave reviews proclaiming “they are the best band we’ve ever seen.” From coast to coast and in countries around the world, they have rocked the stage with their energy and talent. When it comes to live music bands for weddings and events, there is nobody better.

The Lead Guitarist and Bass Player

Number One Dance Event Band in the Nation

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how good this band is. Once clients hire them to perform for the very first time, those clients are no longer able to settle for any other band at future events. They pack the dance floor like no other band. For high-profile clients and event planners, when the live music band must be the very best, there’s only one choice, and that’s Party Crashers. No matter what the occasion; a New Years Eve extravaganza, celebrity party, high-profile wedding reception, or major corporate event; they transform important events into unforgettable experiences. There is only one party band that can lay claim to being the best, and Party Crashers will never settle for being number two.